Other Opportunities for Worship

Ceremonies for Life Passages
We have designed ceremonies for important life events, and would welcome the opportunity to design a ceremony with you.  Our staff will work with you on both the spiritual and logistical aspects of the ceremonies.

Baby or Child Dedication
Instead of a traditional baptism, a Unitarian dedication and naming ceremony celebrates the dedication of the adults in a child’s life to nurturing a young life. A dedication ceremony involves parents and older siblings, and often includes recognition of other important adults in the child’s life. It is our joyful opportunity to welcome a new individual into the human community.

Our ministers celebrate weddings in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, emphasizing both the uniqueness of the couple and their commitment to one another.  Couples of all faith traditions are welcome to be married here, in our serene and lovely sanctuary, with a Unitarian Universalist service designed for them in consultation with our minister. As a Welcoming Congregation, we gladly perform weddings for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

Memorial and Funeral Services
A memorial or funeral service in the Unitarian tradition is a celebration of the life that has ended. We consider it important that the family, friends and loved ones of a deceased person have an opportunity to recognize the gift that this person was to them. Our staff will meet with the family and create a ceremony which incorporates readings, music and ritual that are relevant to the wishes of the deceased and the family, and will assist them with all of the practical details of the service.

Other Rites of Passage
Many people wish to include a ceremony in their significant life passages. Our staff is willing to work with individuals to create memorable services for events such as adoption, reaffirming vows, dissolution of a relationship, coming of age, graduation or retirement.

Interested in a Ceremony?
If you may be interested in holding a ceremony at First Parish, you can find basic information here on our website about Weddings, Funerals and Memorials and Church Rentals. For more information or to schedule a ceremony at First Parish, please email office@uuwayland.org or call the office at (508) 358-6373 to speak with our Parish Administrator.

Please note:  You need not be a member of our church, nor a Unitarian, to arrange for any of these ceremonies. You also need not abandon your personal faith.