Earth-Based Spirituality

From time to time we offer earth-centered spiritual rituals that are enriched by many indigenous and pagan traditions from around the world: Celtic and European, South American and Native American, and various Asian practices or concepts.  They are woven together with our own experience, ideas, and UU philosophies. Our rituals are an ever-evolving UU earth-centered experience.

What are Earth-Based Spiritual Rituals?

All of our rituals have a core essence in common.  We open a sacred space in place and time by calling the cardinal directions.  It is then that we gather in ceremony to celebrate life’s transitions and events, to express our gratitude, and to ask for help, and to honor the sacred in all of life.  And so we learn, grow, struggle and replenish our spirits together.

Please refer to our news and events page for the latest information on earth-based rituals.  Join us whenever you are able.  Everyone is welcome.

Examples of Earth Based Spiritual Rituals

Samhain:  On this day, we come to honor those loved and respected who have died and ‘crossed over.’  The veil between the worlds is thin.  It is the time to pay our respects, to commune, and to bring light to their positive legacy.

Yule:  As Mother Earth holds safe within her soil the promise of peace and abundance, so deep within our hearts lives a belief in The Promise of the ultimate power of love and peace as a way of life.  It is on Yule that our faith in The Promise is rekindled.  Come and celebrate.

Full Moon Fire Ceremony:  A gentle yet powerful way to let go of what no longer serves your growth and well-being. Blessed by the energy of the moon, reflect, create your own ‘death arrow,’ and offer it to the sacred flames. We thank the people of the Andes mountains for sharing this ritual with us.

Spring Equinox: The greenman and the spring maiden are the speakers of the prose and poetry of Earth, the spirit of the woods and trees. They are nature as sacred, untamed and passionate. Together with the spring maiden they usher in the spring.  Join us to celebrate their return.

May Day:  Come and celebrate with wild abandon the blooming of color into our lives with the gifts of spring.