The food we eat, where we buy it, and how that food is grown affects our health and that of the planet. Approximately one-third of human-made greenhouse gas emissions are linked to our food system.

On April 11 at 7 p.m., join MetroWest Climate Solutions for a webinar on the food system and climate change. You can register here.

While the food sector contributes to climate change, it’s also vulnerable to climate disruption. Water shortages, extreme weather events, pest and disease variations, and rising temperatures will change the crops that can be grown and the viability of farming in some regions.

Progressive farmers are adapting with new, sustainable techniques in every aspect of their operations.  Our speakers are at the vanguard of these issues:

Jennifer Hashley, the Director for the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project at Tufts.

Erin Coughlan de Perez, Associate Professor at Tufts and a Technical Advisor to the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.

Winton Pitcoff, Executive Director of the Mass. Food System Collaborative.