The community of Wayland is hosting a Carnival Day on Sunday, September 15 from noon to 4pm at the Wayland Middle School for Ellie and Annie Levine. The girls, along with their parents Doug and Leah Levine, are part of the First Parish community. Ellie, who is five, was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. The carnival is designed to be a day of fun and a town-wide show of support for the Levine family.

Along with other local organizations, First Parish is a Carnival sponsor, providing financial support to cover the cost of vendors and activities. All funding in excess of expenses will be donated to the Jimmy Fund in the names of Ellie and Annie Levine.

Volunteers are needed at the event, and First Parish community members are encouraged to help with set-up, activities, or clean-up. Please contact Kate Holland for details or to sign up. 

Whether or not you sign up to help, and whether or not you have kids to bring along, drop by the Carnival to have some fun and show your support for the Levines. See you there!