Enjoy These Ideas from the Wake-Up Booth!

In addition to the Winter Session workshops and activities, we’ve also created a series of handouts with ideas and information to broaden your horizons. Want Charlie’s playlist? Or Stephanie’s pie recipe? Just click on the links below.

Winter Outings with the Appalachian Mountain Club
Recommendations from the Green Sanctuary Committee

Charlie Anderson’s Playlist
WWCLT? Find out! 

C*****t Happens ~ Compost Your Food Scraps and Save the World
How to make a compost pile, with thanks to the Green Sanctuary Committee

Lynne Lipcon’s Favorite Playdough Recipe For All Ages
Enough said

Stephanie May’s Peach Pie Recipe

Winter Classes from Sudbury Valley Trustees
Ideas from the Green Sanctuary Committee 

Book Suggestions from the Men’s Book Club and Marching Band
Check out this range of interesting reads

Local Volunteer Opportunities
Ways to get involved, compiled by the Social Action Council

The Great Grape Race
You’re really curious, right?? 

There’s An App For That!
Some favorite apps of First Parishioners, both fun and useful.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Winter Session events and activities. Click here for details.