Dear First Parish Community,As you may be aware, the infection rates for Covid have risen in the last 14-days in Wayland, including in some of the schools. Additionally, the rates are on the increase across the county and Commonwealth. The Re-Entry team has met twice this week to both review the data and our own protocols.

At this point, we are recommending that we tighten our in-person protocols. We expect all eligible persons to be vaccinated. We also require that all in-person attendees:

  • Wear well-fitted masks that cover the mouth and nose.
  • Sign-in for contact tracing.
  • Not attend if feeling sick.
  • Maintain 6′ physical distancing.To support 6′ distancing, we will return to having fewer pew cushions. Please sit only on the cushions in group sizes as indicated. Please do not sit in a pew with someone who is not family and/or a friend with whom you regularly socialize.

For the SEEK program, we will be spacing the tables further apart and asking parents to drop children in the Vestry by 10:00am where the service will be livestreamed until class begins. To support SEEK, please walk through the kitchen and avoid the Vestry when moving through the first floor of the Meetinghouse.

As a team, our hope is to support the health of our First Parish community as well as the wider communities and social circles in which we move. We also recognize the importance of gathering together. In service of both our safety and our gathering, we will continue to monitor the data and our protocols as infection rates shift and as more information about the Omicron variant becomes available.

In service,
Rev. Stephanie May on behalf of the Re-Entry Team

Re-Entry Team Members: Lynne Cavanaugh, Barb Heffner, Kate Holland, Jim Kitendaugh, Rev. Stephanie May, and Chauncey Wilson