As we begin a new program year in September, we will be joining in “Soul Matters”—a network of Unitarian Universalist congregations who follow the same monthly themes so we can more easily share resources for small groups, worship, and children’s religious education resources.  Each month will have a different theme that will appear in Sunday services, our Spiritual and Ethical Exploration classes for Kids (SEEK), as well as in special events from films, to book discussions, to small groups.

In September, our monthly theme will be Vision. After our annual Water Sunday multigenerational gathering on September 9, the next three Sundays will engage the theme of vision from multiple angles.

We’ll begin by imagining what’s possible and the role of vision in shaping our futures. Then, we’ll celebrate the power of observation and the practice of attending closely to the world around us. Finally, we turn to question the impact of illusions and delusions on knowing the truth.

Engaging broadly and deeply with monthly themes is an opportunity to consider how any one theme may connect with our inner life, our life at work, or with our families as well as with issues of injustice and suffering in our larger community, nation, and world. Rather than a rigid, predictable framework, the themes can create an opportunity to play and explore. Please join us as we explore together!

Rev. Stephanie May