Welcome to our month of Welcoming!

This year our overarching worship theme is a simple one: What does it mean to be UU? Ok, maybe it’s not so simple. But it is an important question and one that I invite you to explore together this year. To do this we will be engaging the values and covenants laid out in the proposed new Article II of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s by-laws. This is the part that describes the purposes and principles of the UUA and of Unitarian Universalism.

We begin with the theme of Welcoming. While not a stated value, I hope you agree that it all begins with welcome. Welcoming others in all their uniqueness and welcoming our own full selves into our lives. What do you think of welcoming? What parts are easy, what aspects of welcoming are difficult. Who is easy to welcome? Who is not?

To help us explore our themes each month I will provide you with a few resources and exercises. Take a look as you have time and see what sparks inside you. To give us time to explore these themes more deeply the first Sunday of each month has been rebranded as “Meaning Matters Sundays”. This will be a time to explore the monthly topic in small groups after a shortened service.

I hope you enjoy the resources below and that I get to welcome you to First Parish often.

Rev. Deborah Bennett

See Resources and Exercises HERE