The Gift of Heritage

This month we explore the gift of heritage in our lives. This word can mean many different things in different contexts. Of course there is the heritage we receive from our blood relatives and DNA ancestors. This is often an important part of our identity and how we feel connected to the world. Sometimes however, these heritage connections hold difficult realities that we would rather not remember. Both are part of our lives and it is up to us as to how we engage with them.

There are also the lines of heritage we choose. These chosen sources of connection can inspire us and help us move forward. Our chosen spiritual or religious heritage is one example. Art, music and science can provide others. We all stand on the shoulders of the ones that came before us – remembering, acknowledging and where appropriate, celebrating our many heritages can be rewarding.

In addition to looking back, heritage invites us to look forward and ask: what is the part we are playing in the creation and re-creation of our world? How will our descendants look back on us? What gifts are we leaving behind? What troubles have we left unaddressed?

This month we take time to honor the many gifts and questions of heritage. Here are just a few resources for you to ponder.

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