SEEK Programming for Children

First Parish-9SEEK — Spiritual and Ethical Exploration for Kids — is designed to help young people navigate our complicated world with courage, compassion and curiosity.

For details about your child’s classroom, please see the tabs below. (We also have programming for youth.) And see the Calendar for Children and Youth for 2016-2017 or visit the Church Calendar for all church events, including Sunday School.

If your child has special needs in learning, behavior, or health, please contact our Director of Spiritual and Ethical Exploration, Kate Holland, to discuss how we can best support your family to promote comfort, inclusion and accessibility for your child.

Class Registration
Registration for the 2016-2017 church year is open.

Please register your children and youth here.

Please sign up to be part of the teaching team here.

Children are welcome in the sanctuary during Sunday Services, or parents are invited to bring their young children to our childcare classroom if they wish. Childcare for infants through age two opens around 9:45 and we ask parents to pick up their children when the service ends around 11:00.  Our child caregivers are dedicated to creating a welcoming, fun and comfortable place for our youngest church-goers.
Our three- and four-year-olds enjoy age-appropriate stories, songs and activities that invite them to play and learn about the connections and principles that we hold dear here at First Parish. 
Kindergarten-through-4th Grade class uses a Montessori-based curriculum called “Spirit Play” to explore stories from our Unitarian Universalist sources in their own learning styles. Each lesson includes a story, followed by some “Wondering Questions.” To explore these questions, children can choose from among several different activities.
Children in Grades 5 through 7 engage in “Popcorn Theology,” a small group curriculum that includes watching selected scenes from movies as a springboard to discussing questions of ethics.