SEEK Programming for All Ages

Spiritual and Ethical Exploration for Children and Youth

SEEK — Spiritual and Ethical Exploration for Kids — is designed to help children navigate our complicated world with courage, compassion, and curiosity.

For the youngest children (birth through preschool) we offer nursery care where they will be greeted by friendly faces and offered fun age-appropriate toys and activities.

In our SEEK program for elementary age children we take time to talk about the big questions.

What do I believe?

What do I stand up for in the world?

How do I care for myself and others with respect and kindness?

These questions can be explored in a safe and nurturing environment. We also take time to explore world religions and the principles that we as Unitarian Universalists hold dear. Here children can practice being their authentic selves and how to speak up for justice in our world.

Our programming is engaging and a lot of fun. Strong bonds and friendships form and are nurtured in our SEEK classroom.

Your child is welcome here no matter what. We welcome children and youth that identify as LGBTQ+ and make a safe space for them to feel comfortable with who they are. If your child or youth has special needs in learning, behavior, or health, please contact our Director of Lifespan Education, Kate Holland, to discuss how we can best support your family to promote comfort, inclusion and accessibility while your child is with us in our SEEK program.

Class Registration
Registration for the current church year is open. Please register your children and youth here.

Spiritual and Ethical Exploration for Adults

Exploring life’s meaning and our place in the world is a life-long practice. At First Parish, we engage in a rich variety of programs to explore questions about how to live out our values in our daily lives.

  • In small groups, people come together once a month to discuss a theme such as “Courage” or “Making a Difference” or “Friendship.”
  • We gather for book discussions on topics such as social justice, world religions and current events.
  • Lectures and programming around social justice and current events help us deepen our commitment to making the world a better place.
  • Each month we host a Ministers’ Lunch — a time to share a light lunch of soup and have wonderful conversations with the minister and the other folks that attend.
  • We are collaborating with Arts Wayland to host concerts and art classes of interest to First Parish folks and to the greater community as well.
  • We also partner with MetroWest Climate Solutions to offer programs on how we can work to protect our climate and natural resources.

We also create many opportunities to come together as a multigenerational community at movie nights, pot luck dinners, Bingo nights, group sing-alongs, pancake brunches…..there are many ways for adults and families to come together at First Parish to build stronger connections with one another and to explore life’s questions together.