February 25, 2024

Claire-Karl B.W. Müller – UUMass Action

UU Mass Action is a Massachusetts based non-profit to engage UUs in action for state-level justice. Claire-Karl will speak to their mission of solidarity, and what it means to show up as an ally, specifically in their campaigns for Indigenous Justice, Immigrant Justice, Climate and Environmental Justice and Ending Solitary Confinement.

Claire-Karl is a force of nature. They are a 5th generation germanic settler to Eastern Massachusetts and identify as a white, middle-class, non-binary, small-fat, queer organizer. Their values are curiosity, compassion, truth and people power. They feel called to work with other white middle class folks on racial, economic and climate justice and joined the team at UU Mass Action in 2020.
They have organized at the local, state and federal level on climate and environmental justice since 2007, winning victories to stop pipelines, transition coal fired power plants to solar, and build community. Claire-Karl is coordinator of the statewide climate justice coalition Mass Power Forward, which they co-founded in 2015, as well as the UU Mass Action staff lead for Indigenous Solidarity.