Parish Leadership

Unitarian Universalism is a democratic religion, and decisions about the congregation are made by elected lay leaders in consultation with the minister, and, on some matters, by congregational vote. First Parish has an elected board of ten people — called The Parish Committee — who meet regularly to manage the business of the congregation. Other important elected and volunteer committees help with every aspect of church life, from budgeting and managing finances, to maintaining the buildings and grounds, to supporting the elementary religious education program and youth group activities.

Committee terms begin on July 1; Parish Committee members typically serve for four years. The Committee for  2023-24 is:
  • Lea Anderson, Chair
  • Nathalie Thompson, Vice Chair
  • Chris Cullen, Treasurer
  • Heather Felton, Asst. Treasurer
  • Nan Jahnke, Clerk
  • Larry Green
  • Jim Grumbach
  • Barb Heffner
  • Laurel Whitehouse
  • Jada Williams
  • Jay Woodruff