Our theme this month is “Cultivating Relationship”

We are learning so many things about relationships during this time of pandemic. It’s clarifying that there is no real replacement for in-person connection. And, we have certainly been reminded how precious human touch really is. Many friendships have been weeded out and realigned, inviting us to now prioritize those that are essential over those that are instrumental. The promise and precariousness of the common good has been placed center stage, reminding us that when people aren’t willing to make small sacrifices for the larger whole, pandemics don’t end.

We’ve learned and are learning all this because Covid brought so much to a halt. It put on the brakes and made us pause. We’ve had time to look around. To notice. And maybe that’s the most important thing we’ve learned about cultivating relationships, the central thing we need to remember: to go slow. Simply put, relationships are really hard to build and care for when we are running. May this month help us hold on to the insights of going slower, of paying closer attention to the relationships that connect us to others, and of choosing to cultivate the relationships that are important to us.

Join us this month in exploring our theme through Sunday services, our SEEK program, and on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
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