Join MetroWest Climate Solutions on Thursday, November 9, 7 p.m., to learn about new building codes on the horizon. You can register for this free online session at

Buildings account for 27% of Massachusetts greenhouse gas emissions. Governor Healy’s plan for the sector: “Electrify everything.”

When Massachusetts’ Department of Energy Resources rolled out new building codes at the end of 2022, they introduced a new Specialized Code, intended to help meet the state’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

As of October 2023, 24 communities representing 23% of the State’s population had adopted the Specialized Code. At least a dozen more communities plan to do so this fall or next spring, including most of MetroWest.

What is this new Specialized Code? How does it affect you? What impact will it have for the climate?

Our speakers are Dillan Patel, Regional Coordinator, Green Communities, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources; Cindy Arens, Chair of the Sustainable Lexington Committee; and Nick Christman, Weston Sustainability Committee Member.

A question and answer session will follow the webinar.