May we love the earth not as an object—beautiful nature to pass through—but as a
complex, miraculous subject that we build a relationship with.
Courtney Martin

Talk of interdependence immediately calls up the work of saving the planet, rightly so. But what if the first step toward saving the planet is learning to speak to it? And hear it? Could our collective failure to confront the climate crisis be rooted in our lost ability to listen? What if the quickly-going-extinct creatures don’t want our sympathy, but our ear? What if the fraying of the web isn’t just about us failing to act, but also us having forgotten who we are. And what if nature itself is the only one who can help us remember?

This month our Soul Matters resources offer us an exercise. This exercise is all about leaning into Courtney Martin’s wish for us. We know how to appreciate nature. And, unfortunately, we are very skilled at how to use it. But we are less practiced at building a relationship with it. So, this month, let’s work on a two-way, instead of one-way, relationship with the natural world. The key here is reciprocity, even friendship. Pick an animal, flower, plant or body of water that you have an affinity for or want to deepen your relationship with. Then spend a week (or the entire month) and engage that “natural sibling” in some or all of these ways:

Enjoy these inspirations for your month exploring our interdependence with each other and with the great web of life.

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