Our theme this month is “Renewing Faith”

Too often faith is understood only as belief in the absence of evidence. Such belief is anathema for minds trained to the value of scientific analysis and critical thinking. However, faith can also be understood as trust, as holding on, or as being loyal and keeping the faith. After two trying years of pandemic, political strife, and rising impacts of climate change, we may be wondering just what we still trust and place our faith in. To what do we remain faithful? This month we ask how to renew our faith when so much is falling apart. How do we listen for the longing that beckons us to believe that it can be better? Maybe faith is more about remembering our longing for what we love and who we want to be, more than it is an act of restoring our trust that everything will work out well. Maybe the peacenik was right: We must remain faithful to the fight not because change is guaranteed but to ensure that we are not changed.

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