Summary of new Committee requests for long range budget planning

As we prepared the 2015-16 budget, we asked the various committees within the church to submit their requests for items that they would like to include, but that might not be able to be included the 2015-2016 base budget. If the Canvass raises more money that is necessary for the base budget this year, then the following items could potentially be added. Alternatively they will be added to the long-range plan for future funding.

Facilities: $9,750
Includes new interior furnishings and landscaping – new shrubs and perennials and bluestone paving in the courtyard and walkways.

Communications: $6,000
Includes new website design and video monitor.

Music: $6,500
Includes mallets for the Bell Choir, public organ concerts, new piano for Stokey, renovations to the choir loft and additional voicing for the organ.

Denominational Affairs/Social Action: $5,000
Additional support for the UU Urban Ministry.

Total New Initiatives: $27,250