opening-day-graphic-2013It’s that time of year for us to reconnect with old friends, welcome new visitors and launch a new season at First Parish on Water Sunday, Sept 8.

Immediately following the service, we will gather downstairs in the vestry for a Welcome Back Picnic in lieu of coffee hour. Rob Hackenson, the entertainer, will charm the children with balloon sculptures.

The Community Life Committee (CLC) will launch our “Opening Day” this year by providing a picnic lunch with Fenway Franks, potato salad, coleslaw and drinks (but no beer!). Please bring along whatever else you might like to add to the table.  Your favorite appetizers, salads or desserts would be appreciated.  Of course, if you prefer your own lunch, just bring it along to church.

We look forward to the opportunity for us to catch up and to get a peek at the exciting building construction that has continued through the summer.

Let’s “Play Ball!”

~ The Community Life Committee