The First Parish community is invited by our Jewish neighbors to join in a community vigil Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. at Temple Shir Tikva.

Rabbi Danny Burkeman writes: “In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Temple Shir Tikva and Congregation Or Atid will be hosting a vigil for the local community on Monday, October 29th at 7:00pm.

This will be an opportunity to come together in our sadness and grief, finding support from one another. And through the solidarity with communities of all faiths it will be a chance to deliver a message rejecting hate and fear, knowing that the forces of hope are stronger.

The vigil will take place at Temple Shir Tikva, 141 Boston Post Road, Wayland, and is being supported by the Wayland Interfaith Leaders Association.”

Rev. Stephanie May will speak as a representative of the interfaith community to show solidarity with the Jewish community locally and beyond. This is a time to join together as a community. If you are able, please join us. As possible, you may consider parking at First Parish and walking to Temple Shir Tikva.

Rev. May says: “In these times of violence and hate, please reach out to those you love and who love you. Amidst the devastating news and the fear that permeates too much of our nation, let us try to hold on to what is good so that we do not lose sight of the just, loving, and life-giving world we seek to foster and live within.”