Our theme this month is “Taking Measure – The Value of What Really Matters”

For many January is a time of reflection and resolutions. After a disruptive 2020, the arrival of 2021 may be sparking your own reflections about what you have (re)learned about what matters most to you? This month, our theme encourages us to pause and reflect as we consider not only our life, but also how we are measuring our life. The tool or unit by which we take measure of our lives will shape our actions and attitudes towards ourselves and others.  What constitutes success, satisfaction, or a life well lived? Reflecting on this question challenges us to pay attention to what really matters to us as well as to notice competing values that would distract and interfere with our deeper values.

Join us this  month in exploring the theme of ‘Taking Measure’ through Sunday services, our SEEK program, and on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
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