From Rummage Sale to Yard Sale

For nearly 70 years, the First Parish Rummage Sale was a Wayland institution. According to our records, the first Rummage Sale was held in June 1944. The Rummage Sale was an all-hands-on-deck activity, featuring departments on two floors of the building, the carriage sheds and the porch, staffed by scores of volunteers.

The Rummage Sale was a source of joy and friendship. Its proceeds benefited countless charitable organizations through the decades, and helped support First Parish’s mission. It was also a source of wisdom: See these Life Lessons from the Rummage Sale.

The Covid pandemic disrupted this beloved tradition. No sale was held in 2020 or 2021.

In 2022, the Rummage Sale transitioned to a greatly simplified yard sale format, held mostly outdoors. While nowhere near as extensive as our glorious Rummage Sales of the past, the First Parish Yard Sale shares the Rummage Sale’s spirit of fun and community.

See details about the 2023 First Parish Yard Sale.