As a religious community, we are committed to promoting and affirming the worth and dignity of every person, and find efforts to take away any group’s rights to be abhorrent. In the upcoming election, voters in Massachusetts will be asked to vote on whether or not to continue extending protection for transgender persons in the Commonwealth. We urge voters to support these protections and vote yes on Question 3.

More than two years ago, with a supermajority in both chambers, the Massachusetts state legislature passed a law to protect transgender people from discrimination in public places, such as stores, restaurants, and hospitals. As he signed the law, Governor Charlie Baker said that no one should be discriminated against in Massachusetts because of their identity. The basic protections enacted that day enable our transgender friends, neighbors, coworkers, and loved ones to live their lives with safety, privacy, and dignity. Similar laws exist in 18 states and more than 200 municipalities across the country. Learn more at

On November 6, Massachusetts voters will be asked to either keep this important anti-discrimination law or overturn it. First Parish in Wayland strongly advocates maintaining this law by voting Yes on question 3. We are joined in this call by a bipartisan coalition of religious, educational, and government leaders from across the Commonwealth. Many in our community are hurt that treating transgender persons with dignity is even on the state ballot.

Being able to shop, work out at a gym, or receive medical treatment without concern for one’s personal dignity is something most of us take for granted. By voting to preserve the existing law, we better ensure that people in our Commonwealth can freely live with respect and without fear of harassment or discrimination based on their gender identity. Please join us in voting yes on 3 to continue protections for transgender persons in Massachusetts.