Our theme this month is “Widening the Circle”

Circles are often a helpful symbol of feeling included and of being part of a community. And yet, not only does the line of a circle exclude those on the outside, but it also cuts off those on the inside from the insights of those on the outside. This month our theme calls us to explore widening the circle of our concern and to consider the perspective of being on the outside. Is it possible that being on the inside leaves you out of the loop? What if being shut out allows you to understand the insiders better than they understand themselves? While having an inner circle may provide a sense of safety, what do we lose by staying snug within our familiar circles? What new freedoms might we encounter by breaking out of our circles, by breaking down circles and systems of exclusion? How might we actively work to dismantle circles of exclusion, such as racism, even when we benefit from being on the inside?

Join us this month in exploring our theme through Sunday services, our SEEK program, and on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
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