Our theme this month is “Attention – The Value of Slowing Down”

In her book, How to Do Nothing—Resisting the Attention Economy, author-artist Jenny Odell writes, “My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind.” To what will you attend this month? Where will you place your attention? What happens when we make more deliberate choices about the direction of our attention? Often the holidays are a very busy time. What if we used the changes wrought by the pandemic as an opportunity to slow down? What might we notice something about December or about ourselves, our family, our neighborhood that we did not perceive before? By slowing down and choosing to be deliberate with our attention, perhaps we might receive an unexpected gift of spirit.

Join us this  month in exploring the theme of ‘Attention’ through Sunday services, our SEEK program, and on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
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