The First Parish building is now open for Sunday services and for other First Parish business and activities, subject to a set of protocols intended to keep all of us safe. We anticipate that small groups of parishioners will want to gather indoors for committee meetings and other small group gatherings and activities as the weather cools. At this time, we ask that congregants be guided by the following protocols, which will undoubtedly change over time.

  1. Three spaces are currently available for use by small groups or committees: the Vestry (capacity: 12), the Sanctuary (capacity: 60), and the Commons (capacity: 8).
  2. Please reserve the use of one of these spaces by checking in with the office.
  3. Before attending any group meeting, please selfassess for any COVIDrelated symptoms. Please stay home if you have any such symptoms or if you have tested positive for COVID or been exposed to COVID.
  4. Group members should be masked and socially distanced (6 feet).
  5. Group members should wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the building. Hand sanitizer can be found at each entry and in each room.
  6. If more than one group is meeting in the building at the same time and you need to use the restrooms, please try to avoid crossing into another group’s space. Please leave the restroom door open when exiting. Please note that the restroom across the hallway from the church office is not available for use; it has been designated for use by the nursery school.
  7. Please refrain from food or drink.
  8. Whenever possible, windows should be opened and window fans used, if available. In the Vestry, please turn on the kitchen exhaust fan while meeting (and kindly turn it off when you leave!)
  9. Please take attendance at all gatherings, for use should contact tracing be required. Contact information must include: name of the group and its organizer, date/time, names, emails, and phone numbers of attendees. If someone becomes ill after your small group meeting, contact Rev. Stephanie or her ministerial coverage at (617) 5195504.
  10. Keep meetings brief (up to an hour if possible) to minimize potential exposure. All attendees should immediately leave the building at the end of the gathering.
  11. If a children’s group or activity is held indoors, all protocols described herein should be followed, with the exception of social distancing, which should be a minimum of three feet at all times, consistent with local school and SEEK program protocols.
  12. The organizer/leader of the group should clean shared, touched surfaces. Cleaning materials will be provided in the three rooms.

Thank you for your attention to these precautions. Should you have any questions, please contact Rev. Stephanie or a member of the Parish Committee.