Construction Information

West elevation view showing the Meeting House, Parish House and new connecting link

West elevation


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Over the summer of 2013, the new connector (shown in green) between the meetinghouse and the parish house will be built. This project was funded by the For All the Ages campaign. At the same time we will do some renovations in the parish house to provide new classroom space and a dedicated youth room (shown in pink).

One important outcome of the connector will be that we will now have complete accessibility to the second floor of the parish house, an long-held aspiration for the congregation.

Work started in early May, and will be complete in September. Although we will lose the use of our buildings for the summer construction, when we return in the fall we will be able to enjoy the benefits of the new spaces.

For photographs and progress updates, please visit our Construction Updates page.  Or you can log in any time to see our live webcam view of the site (follow the instructions for the browser you are using.)

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