Join MetroWest Climate Solutions on Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. for a Zoom webinar on the future of nuclear energy.

Many experts believe that next-generation nuclear technologies could be an important option in our transition to a clean-energy future. Others are wary, expressing concerns about ongoing safety and waste disposal challenges.

David Butz from Eco-Nuclear Solutions and Aina Lagor from Energy for the Common Good will provide an overview of the latest nuclear technologies and their prospects for helping us transition to a “low or no” carbon society and economy.  Our moderator, Ross Trimby, attended the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School, qualified as a Reactor Plant Operator and then served on a nuclear sub for three years.

Currently, the U.S. generates about 60% of its electricity from fossil fuels.  The U.S. aims to transition away from these carbon-emitting fuels by 2035, which will require a significant increase in sources of clean energy.  Join us for this informative program that will compare and contrast the latest fusion and fission technologies, so that listeners can come to their own conclusions about whether nuclear power has a role in addressing climate change. To register visit:

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash