December 8, 7:00 p.m. Online

While many songs and ads declare this a happy season, many of us may feel sadness and grief during this season. For some, this may be the first holiday without a loved one who has passed away this year. For others, the pandemic may be creating an unwelcome, if necessary, distance from family and friends. Still others may be struggling economically or with other inner or inter-personal conflicts. For so many reasons, this season may be difficult.

This special service will gently invite us to sit with our sadness as we come together in shared support. Through readings, music, stillness, and ritual, Rev. Stephanie and Alex Jensen will guide this time. The service is designed to be accessible no matter which holidays you may celebrate or faith tradition you may or may not embrace. If possible, participants are encouraged to have two candles ready to light during the service. To participate, please register online at