Our theme this month is “Sustainability – Finding Hope Amidst Upheaval.”

For years now, the changing climate has generated calls for more sustainable ways of living in relationship with the earth and each other. Now, as the coronavirus transforms the global landscape, we are learning anew how to restructure our daily lives as well as our economic and social structures. In this time of mass disruption, what lessons might we learn to help us live sustainably for the health of our spirits, bodies, and planet? What practical lessons do we take away about travel, food systems, and more? What are we learning about how to find and sustain hope in the midst of turmoil? As we live through a time of upheaval, what sustains us? Exploring such questions now may have insight not only for the coronavirus crises but also as climate change also transforms global life.

Join us this  month in exploring the theme of ‘Sustainability’ through Sunday services, our SEEK program, and on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
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