As we start Black History month there are many wonderful books to share with our children to help them start off life with a fuller understanding of history that tells the story of all people. Here is a selection of some of my favorites as well as some that have been recommended to me. There are so many great children’s books on Black History but also with African-American characters I hope you will get a chance to explore them not only during Black History month but throughout the year.

This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhard pictures by R. G. Roth
This book pays tribute to some of the great Arican-Americam jazz giants. It is set to the tune of This Old Man and singing along is a wonderful experience! For Ages 3 and up

The Other Side By Jacqueline Woodson Illustrations by E. B. Lewis
This book tells the story of how a young African-American girl finds a way to have a friendship with a white girl in the segregated south. For Ages 5 and up

Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom by Carol Boston Weatherford illustrated by Kadir Nelson
This book tells the story of Harriet Tubman and the amazing work she did to lead slaves to freedom on the underground railroad. For Ages 5 and up

Teammates By Peter Golenbock illustrated by Paul Bacon
This tells the story of Jackie Robinson who was the first black player in Major league baseball. Ages 6 and up

What Color is My World? By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld Illustrations by Ben Boos and A. G. Ford
This book looks at the history of African-American inventors and some of the everyday objects that they have made. For Ages 8 and up

Little Leaders:Bold Women in Black History Written and Illustrated by Hashti Harrison
This book documents the contributions that 40 black women made on American history. Ages 8 and up