Please join the Green Sanctuary team and commit today to one small action during the next 40 days that will help reduce your personal (or family’s) carbon footprint. We will celebrate these changes on Green Sanctuary Sunday, May 5. Below is a list of parishioners that posted their challenge.

Commitments to the Challenge include:

  • Janet Hadingham: To hang dry everything she launders except for Evan’s shirts.
  • Molly Faulkner: Is to give up meat for 40 days (even grassfed!).
  • Suzanne Tiberii: My 40 day challenge will be to drink water that is not sold in a Poland Spring 6 – pack which I love b/c it’s bubbly and flavored but then we have the bottles to contend with, so that will be my challenge.
  • Nan Jahnke: To revive the expired compost pile by turning it and feeding it with kitchen scraps and shredded leaves.
  • Player Family: To install programmable thermostats and other energy conservation measures from energy audit.
  • Suzen Perry: To eat no meat.
  • Thaddeus Thompson: To schedule energy audit through Mass Save
  • Alex Gibber: To recycle more, to use dishwasher and dryer only when full
  • Sydney Morrison: To use sunlight instead of electricity.
  • Clare Lewis: To turn down thermostats
  • Susan Crowley-Bechtel: to conserve gas by consolidating car trips
  • Joel Silberman: To meditate daily in order to be more mindful of opportunities to make environmentally sound choices of all kinds throughout the day (such as turning off the lights when not in use and reminding kids to do the same, and considering the environment in food and other purchasing decisions).
  • Elizabeth Lewis and Family: To turn off lights when leaving the room.
  • Henry Lewis: Committed to spearheading our family’s composting efforts for the next 40 days.
  • Andrea Case: My 40 day challenge is going to be using my bike more, especially to get to and from the library when I’m working there and church too!
  • Lois Doerr: My plan is to start doing the 4 mile round trip walk on Sundays again (leaving my car at home).
  • Beth Butler:  To schedule an energy audit and to substitute walking/biking for at least one errand a day.

It can be something small you do every day, like:

  • turning off the lights when you leave the room
  • taking your own water bottle
  • using reusable mugs for coffee
  • composting kitchen scraps
  • turning down the temperature
  • giving up meat for 40 days
  • riding a bike, walking, or carpooling
  • turning off the water when you brush your teeth

Or it can be something major that you’ve been putting off like:

  • scheduling an energy audit
  • changing light bulbs
  • insulating the house

The Green Sanctuary team will have forms available in the vestry, or you can download a copy by clicking on the link to the right or simply email your challenge and name to Molly Faulkner at:

Please bring your challenge commitment to pin up on the Social Action Board in the vestry.

Thank you!

The Green Team